Grade 3 survivers

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  1. Hi I've come to the end of my chemo..I've still radiotherapy to go but I'm struggling to find or read about anyone who hasn't had a reoccurrance when lymph nodes are involved...I'm grade 3 tumour 4 lymph nodes involved with lymphovascular invasion and extracapsular spread im Her2 would just be nice to know if there are any survivors with a similar diagnosis 
  2. Thankyou 
  • Hello, I’ve had a grade 3 tumour & 6 positive lymph nodes removed. I’ve just started chemotherapy. I’m feeling very positive about the future. Do you want to connect ?

    • Hi there yes we have s similar diagnosis...ivecjudt finished 3 EC & 9 weekly paclitaxel its not that bad & goes quick...I think we both have a good chance of positive outlooks...its something called lymphovascular invasion that concerns ve had all the lymph nodes removed now so I dont think the amount makes that much difference....take care & good luck with the chemo...most important thing is be super careful not to get the virus as you dont want any interruptions with your chemo xx
  • Hi, I'm HER negative, grade 3 and 1 lymph node and given all the news ive had since i was diagnosed on July 2nd I feel positive. The first chemo i had last week was brutal but i asked the doctors at diagnosis if i was going to die and they said no- so i cling onto this!

    I'm due to have the exact same chemo as you- please tell me the first is the worst and it gets better!!

    Much love to you all,


  • Thanks for your positive message. My first EC chemo session was much better than expected. My second session is on Friday. I  think the anti sickness drugs and steroids to deal with the side effects are working well. I haven’t read to much about lymphovascular invasion but I will look into it. I was personally concerned about the risk if lymphoedema but I’m been told to do plenty of exercise and not to put on too much weight. I’ve worked hard with a physio since my operation and now have full range of movement back in my right arm and I have restarted attending weekly online pilates classes. I’m super chuffed that I do a one armed side planks again. I’ve also been told that as part of my breast reconstruction that they will be able to rebuild some lymph nodes which sounds great.  All the best with the rest of your treatment & let’s keep in touch x

  • Hi Laura, I’m sorry to hear your first chemo session was terrible. Have you been prescribed anti-sickness medication? They might help...please stay positive as it’s definitely going to help you get through the rest of your treatment. 

  • Thank Tallula, i think it was the steroid crash that was worst part so im hoping to ask them tweak it on the second round Slight smile  I felt great the first two days after the chemo (with help from the steroids)

    I found the anti sickness meds meant i didnt sleep so I think im going to give them a miss next time round too! I find talking to others really helps and I've had reiki too which also helped


  • Hi Laura, I’ve been told it’s the steroids that keep you awake. I was exactly the same and found it difficult sleeping for the two nights post the chemo but I’m now sleeping better. Good to hear that the Reiki has helped. I’m going to try booking in a massage soon as my oncologist said it was ok. Have you had surgery yet ? 

  • Hi Laura the paxitaxal is a walk in the park...the first 3 EC were tough I found the comedown from the steroids tough & I'm normally quite an upbeat person so they feeling of depression was totally alien to me..I had sickness but they changed the meds & I got on top of that....I had 9 weekly paclitaxel which I had no side effects it just seems like you're always at the for the mastectomy & full lymph node removal I had that in march I have complete movement back & have literally just walked in the door from my 7k run & an online yoga class...I have very little numbness on the arm still but I think that's going....all I'm left with is a few mental scars for worry of recurrence but hopefully that will ho in time...I wish people who were 15 years & so survivers would post but then again I suppose they're all just getting on with there lives xx

  • Hi Cloverfield- I am where you were when you posted this but still awaiting clearance to see if any further nodes effected. Can you please advise how you are doing two years on? I am so frightened. 

  • Hi Tallula

    My diagnoses is similar and I am just wondering how you are getting on? X