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Hello lovely people,

So I've had my first chemo treatment and obviously the routine tests of blood and blood pressure etc. Everything seems to be going well but today I received a letter saying I had been referred on for an echocardiogram and I'm now very scared and confused. 

Is anyone echocardiogram normal for breast cancer treatment? I do have low blood pressure but that's normal for me. Mine was 90/70 when I was last tested so I'm not sure if that is why I've been referred but I've always been told my low blood pressure was actually really healthy and I didn't need to worry unless it caused fainting etc which it doesn't.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this and can tell me how it went for them. Bad or good I just need to know what to expect from any outcome.


  • Hi  

    I had an echocardiogram a week or so before my chemo started. It didn't show up any problems. The person doing it said sometimes the oncologist might want me to have another one part way through treatment but I didn't. However, I did have an ECG done one day before my chemo session as I'd been experiencing heart palpitations but that showed everything was fine too.

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  • Hi latchbrook

    Thanks for the reply. That puts my mind at rest. Nobody had said anything to me about needing one of these so I was worried that it was another health concern See no evil

  • I had an echo before I started treatment as EC can affect the heart but the risk is relatively low. They’re probably being cautious so I wouldn’t worry.