Treatment cycles weekly or 3 weekly confused ?

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Hi All , 

diagnosed of triple negative breast cancer 

My chemo nurse just called asking me to take weekly paclitaxel plus carbo  that means 1 st week the carboplatin with Paclitaxel then carboplatin alone for  2nd and 3 rd week then again paclitaxel and carboplatIm 4th week to continue like this for 4 cycles

I myslef instead of the above opted for paclitaxel and carbo once in one big bag and then break for 3 weeks

I also opted for no PICC Line as I am thinking if it’s 3 weekly then cannula should be fine . 

please can anyone advise if I have made the correct decision for going for 3 weekly 

also I was diagnosed 25th April still waiting for treatment to commence I hope it’s not very late . 

  • Hi Amoshaz so sorry that you are going through this. I have been told I have triple negative breast cancer too. 

    My treatment starts next week on Wednesday and will be having it weekly on carboplatin and paclitaxel first week then 2nd and 3rd week paclitaxel then 4th week again with carboplatin and paclitaxel again and will repeat like this. 

    I didn't know if you didn't want it weekly you can have it every 3 weeks. I thought if they have said that this is how we will be doing your treatment that is how it will be.