After breast conservation and sentinel node removal

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I am 48 and found the lump on 11/3/24 diagnosis confirmed on 22/4/24.

I had my surgery on 1/5/24 and have removed the dressing on 11/5/24 as advised.   The incision site looks ok. I have only one scar under my arm pit.

I still have pain and swelling that is lower than the  incision in my side and back of arm pit. My arm pit often feels sore although there is nothing to seen Is this normal? Has anyone  else had this? I don't think it is a seroma.  My arm pit often feels sore although there is nothing to see.  All the leaflets that the hospital gave me suggest that soreness is gone in 2-3 days.

  • I had swelling, numbness and soreness for several weeks after my surgery.  My skin felt generally sore not necessarily just my scars for a few weeks after as well and was told this was all quite normal. 
    even now after having finished radiotherapy and post surgery 3 months I still have aches and pains and numbness at the back of my armpit so I think it’s quite normal for how your feeling and can take 10-12 weeks to fully heal internally.  Hang in there it’s still early days 

    1. Thank You for your reply.  It really helps to know that this soreness is not abnormal.  Have to take it all one day at a time.
  • Hi 

    I had my surgery on 20 April and my arm pit is still numb & the under side of my arm sometimes tingles / feels like it's rubbing sore. 

    The Nurse said this is probably because when they removed my lymph nodes he moved some of the nerves / cut them. They are just finding a new route?? 

    It might return to normal. It might not. 

    But you're not alone in an unusual feeling there. 

    Best of luck in the next stages of your recovery xx

  • Thanks know it's not just me

  • Hi your timeline and age is all v similar to me. I had surgery in the 30th may and I’m still v sore under the arm. Had a lumpectomy and a cut on the side for lymph node clearance. I had a drain in for a week but the fluid keeps building up and yesterday I went back for it to be drained. It’s only been a day and I feel it’s filling up again and I will need to go back soon. 
    have you had your results back? All the best 

  • Hi 

    Sorry to hear you are going through a tough time.  I didn't have a drain so I'm afraid I can offer any advice on that part.  The nerve pain in my arm pit was like it was on fire and painkillers didn't help.  In Hull they give you a cushion and squashing it under my arm did help a lot.  I kept on with exercises and wore the soft bra for a month. Almost 1 month to the day since the surgery the pain had stopped, also swelling and bruises mostly gone.  I've had my results now and luckily I am currently cancer free.  I've started on Tamoxifen as mine was hormone receptive and I'm waiting for the radiotherapy.  Hope you feel better soon. X

  • Aww glad to hear you are cancer free. I also have nerve pain around my upper arm area that feels like it’s on fire under my skin. I’ve been told it’s because they had to cut through nerves etc..

    does this stinging burning sensation go away? When did yours stop? 

  • I had six nodes removed so I think that's why it was really bad.  Stinging fire sensation has all gone for me now.  It took about a month ago.

    I really would recommend pressing a cushion into your armpit you might sound silly but it really helped. Hang in there things do get there xx