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Hi. I was diagnosed with invasive ductal cancer last week which has spread lymph nodes. I am 41 with a 2 year old and pregnant. Feeling very anxious. Had an mri scan and mammogram today and need to wait for the results which I won’t get until next Friday. Any advice of positive stores for those who have stage 3/4 breast cancer 

  • Hello, I’m so so sorry about your diagnosis, especially while pregnant. I was also recently diagnosed with IDC breast cancer. I was 6 weeks pregnant at the time and as mine was strongly estrogen positive I made the very difficult decision to terminate (for the 2 children I already have). However we got a lot of info from a lot of specialists about breast cancer in pregnancy, it happens more than you would think and the outcomes are often good. It is safe to have chemo after the first trimester and if your cancer is not hormone positive it seems that pregnancy should have little impact on your prognosis. Even if it is hormone positive there are options. My doctors didn’t say I had to terminate, this was the decision I made. I wish you all the very best and if you need to talk I’m here xx

  • The nurse said my cancer was hormone positive but as I found out after the first trimester said it should be safe to continue the pregnancy and have treatment during this. It’s just so scary and I hope they can treat it as can’t leave my husband with 2 young children who’d never know who I was. 

  • That’s good news. The first part where you are waiting for results and treatment is so terrifying, hopefully your scans will come back clear and it’s just the breast and lymph nodes, which will be treatable. I had surgery last week and waiting for results to find out if it’s in the lymph nodes and if I’ll need chemo or not. 
    I’m the same I keep imagining my husband and kids living life without me, my kids are very young too.

  • Yes it is. Part of me wants the results asap but another part doesn’t as I can be in denial until then 

  • Hi RKD, I'm so sorry to hear your news. I was diagnosed in January with IDC also in lymph nodes, I have a 3 year old, it's honestly the most terrified I have ever been thinking I might not be around for her future and it still stops me in my tracks at times. While I was looking for support I found a group called Mummy's star that supports those diagnosed in pregnancy, there were lots of positive stories on their Web page and I think they have a Facebook group as well. Please remember there are so many amazing treatments available to you and because of your situation you will be a priority. Don't be afraid to pester and chase, and get hold of your consultants secretary's contact details, mine has been great at putting pressure on and keeping me up to date. Xxx

  • I’m sorry to hear about your situation. Yes it’s very scary. Do you mind if I ask what treatment they suggested for you? I have contacted mummy’s star. I just need to wait to get some letters to send them. 

  • I haven't started treatment yet. After lots of scans and tests I'm booked in for a mastectomy but that might change when my Oncotype score comes back and I may have chemo first. I've got a large tumor, er+, so probably having a mastectomy whatever happens. I have just started tamoxifen to hopefully prevent any further growth.