Waiting for Axilliary Node clearance results and scared

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I’ve been doing really well on my recovery since mastectomy, reconstruction and node clearance. Feeling almost a bit more positive.
Background - I’m ER+ 8/8, PR+ 8/8 and Her Negative. 3.2cm lump removed in December with clear margins but discovery of DCIS meant I needed more surgery. I opted for Mastectomy for peace of mind. As I had 1/1 Macro lymph node - I had to also have Axilliary clearance. When I was originally diagnosed in November, my lymph nodes looked normal on Ultrasound.
i had my second surgery last Thursday.
I’ve had my surgical follow up today. The pathology results weren’t back in. I asked the Breast surgeon if she could tell by appearance if the nodes looked normal. She said they can’t really tell. She said a ‘few’ felt hard and until we get the pathology reports back we won’t know. She said due to my previous surgery, nodes can become ‘reactive’…. Either way, I’ve now got another weeks torturous wait, worrying that more are going to be positive…  it feels like such a drawn out process and I don’t feel I can cope with any more bad news. 
so the initial feeling of positivity is slipping away again. I’m dreading this next week. If anyone has any words of reassurance or similar stories - I’d love to hear from you. Thank you in advance 
  • Hi there, and sorry to read that you've had to have a 2nd surgery.  The waiting for results is so frustrating, isn't it? I found distracting myself and keeping busy was the best thing for me, but it's hard. I hope you get the results soon and that all is well. Best wishes 

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