Anaphylaxis on my first go at chemo. Has anyone experienced this?

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I had my first chemo appointment on 8th January.   It was all going really well.  I'd had my anti sickness drip,  cold cap was fine and hormone drip fine. 

But when I started with the chemo (I think it was docetaxel, I know they said they'll were giving me the strongest type) I had a severe anaphylaxis reaction.  I stopped breathing,  blacked out and woke up when they injected me with adrenaline.   I only managed 0.4ml of the 20ml bag.

My Oncologist has decided to try abraxane in 3 weeks time.

I've never had a reaction to anything before.   I've since been feeling a bit weak, nauseous, tired and achy but I'm assuming it's probably my body reacting to the shock of the anaphylaxis as the nurses said the 0.4ml of chemo I did have wouldn't have done much.

Has anyone had anything like this happen?

I was feeling really positive and confident about the chemo but this experience has scared me a bit about the next try incase I have a reaction again.   Feeling a bit deflated by it as it has delayed the treatment.

  • Hello  . I have just noticed your post and that you have not received any answers to your question. I am sorry I can't answer you as I have a very different cancer, however by me posting a reply it will "bump" your post back to the top of the forum. Once there it will be seen by other Community members and I hope you will have some replies.

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    I hope the above helps and I wish you well on your next round of treatment.

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  • Hi   thank you so much fir your reply.  I'll join the other forums too.  Slight smile

  • I reacted to paclitaxel, but caught it early. Stopping the infusion and extra steroid and antihistamine helped. We were able to continue the infusion at a much slower rate. You must be shattered - I was exhausted after the allergic reaction.

  •   I'm sorry that you also experienced a reaction.  But I'm glad that you were able to continue without issues.   

    Next week will be my chemo round 5 of 6.  They switched me to Abraxane from the 2nd round and I've been having an IV steroid too and I've been fine.

    I hope that your treatment is going well.