Scared for surgery , all advice welcome

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Hi fellow warriors , I m posting as I am in a bit of a meltdown , and having a panic . I have just got a date for my second surgery , diagnosed in March,   lumpectomy didn't remove all and dodgy nodes found under my arm . Just finished chemotherapy and have just got a date for a mastectomy and reconstruction with full axilliary clearance on the 30th November. I only saw surgeon 3 days ago for consultation and got post chemo scan results a week ago. Tho I'm so glad it's happening quickly it's also so scary and is a whirlwind . I have to travel to a different hospital which is a 3 hour ferry trip and 2 hour drive away which is another scary aspect. Has anyone had this surgery , any tips or real advice ! I'd rather be prepared ! Also the reconstruction I'm having is using muscle and skin from my back . Wishing you all well and sending love it's a crazy journey .

  • I had a mastectomy, lymph node clearance and implant reconstruction in April. I can’t speak to your type of reconstruction but if you need a post surgery bra I’d recommend Macom. I used the heart shaped cushion for under your arm, brilliant. I was up and about the following day and off strong pain killers pretty quickly. The fear of it was worse than the reality for me. Of course accepting your new body is another matter …