Periods stopped with Chemo

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Hello All, 

I am undergoing chemo for breast cancer - Stage 2, Grade3, Her2 negative, EP positve. I am 43 years old.

I have had surgery and axxilary node clearance I am on curative chemo now. I had 4 cycles of EC and have had 2 cycles of Placlitaxel. Got another 2 more of placlitaxel to go. 

I had my menstrual cycle regular for first 4 chemo cycles with EC. 

My 5th chemo was placlitaxel and i stopped getting my periods. 

I am now told that i may never get my periods back, after chemo too. 

I am quiet sad about it. 

Has anyone else had this experience. How did you cope?

Best wishes 


  • Hi   I had the same chemo as you and mine stopped after my first one. I finished a month ago and mine hasn’t come back but I’m now on hormone blocking drugs to force me into the menopause. However, I was told that chemo can stop your periods but it doesn’t mean they won’t come back. Your body can start them again so this doesn’t mean they’re gone forever! I was told it can take months to come back so be patient! 

  • Thanks for your response Shellbell24.

    I was told it may never return, considering my age.

    I will be on hormone blocking drugs too, after chemo.

    Dont know feeling bit sad, again i think greiving the loss of choice.

    For now, hope is the only way. Thank you.

    Take care

  • Hi   I’m 44 (just) so basically the same age. It’s daunting having to go through this so young, I didn’t think It would happen until my 50’s! I guess as people say, it’s a small price to pay for your health but it’s not that easy when it comes to it and we’re allowed to grieve. Hope you feel better about it soon and good luck with the rest of your treatment x

  • It is a good thing to stop your periods as you don't want to be making oestrogen if you have a hormone positive breast cancer. If your periods return you should let your breast team know so that they can consider with you whether to stop them with medication. It is hard to lose your periods, but also part of the plan to keep the cancer away for good.

  • Oh! never thought of this. 

    Thanks so much. Really feeling better reading your reply. 

    Best wishes. 

  • what you are saying is true. thank you. 

  • I struggled with some of the negative sides of my periods stopping. I found reframing each symptom of low oestrogen as a positive really helped me. X