Life after scalp cooling- how to kick start hair regrowth?

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Hi- I’m 11 chemos down and 4 to go after a diagnosis of breast cancer. I’m very lucky that I was able to choose scalp cooling and have kept 60-70% of my hair. I’m wondering if post chemo there will be regrowth and if there are supplements or treatments that have worked for anyone else to thicken hair or get it growing again (assuming it grows back?) 

  • I dont know that there are really any supplements that help, though there are plenty that will leave your pockets feeling much lighter!! Your hair should grow back at a normal speed iff you have cold capped. Your hair will be feeling fragile and also dry. Gentle shampoos like faith in nature ones are good for your hair.They are also sulphate free and paraben free which is much better for cancer.  I think you will be surprised at how quickly it grows back once you stop chemo. You must be so relieved to be on the final countdown now and looking forward to being on the road to recovery xx

  • Hi   that’s amazing you’ve kept so much of your hair! I’ve lost about 80% of mine but am continuing with cold cap as several ladies in my unit have found their hair has started growing back toward the end of their chemo and at a faster rate than those not using cold cap. Whilst it may not be the same for everyone, you might find you don’t need any supliments but I do concur with zephyr, faith in nature products are really nice, I have been using them throughout my chemo.