Kadcyla and hair loss

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Hi and merry Xmas. I'm new to the forum, scaring myself half to death with googling so thought this would be a much better idea - just ask!

I was diagnosed with trip pos breast cancer in march at 36yo, I had 6 months of chemo that didn't do much to my tumour but affected me horribly - as it does most of us...

I had surgery last month and my lymph nodes tested pos so more surgery next month for a full clearance and my oncologist wants me on kadcyla for a year.

Sounds small in the grand scheme of things but my hair has started growing and I just got my lashes n brows back and starting to feel human again :) do any of you have experience with losing hair on kadcyla? I can't find any mention of hair loss in the search?

My oncologist thinks I won't but its listed ss a side effect and they were very wrong about how I'd be on the last chemo drugs I had. 

Thanks for reading Slight smile

  • Hi!

    Sorry to hear that you've also got the prolonged journey! Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to do it but I just want all this cancer business over! 

    Just had my fifth Kadcyla treatment of 14. Am finding it much easier than previous chemo! Hopefully you'll be the same.

    The whole hair loss thing was really hard on me during 'big' chemo so I feel your pain. Getting your hair back is a big deal and makes you feel almost back to yourself. Not having to paint your eyebrows on anymore is a gift! 

    I haven't lost any hair on Kadcyla but I do feel that it's growing slower. My eyelashes and brows are back but again, I feel my lashes are more stumpy than before. Maybe this is normal though considering what my body's been through this year? I think I'm just very impatient!Joy

    Fingers crossed for you! 

    Happy New Year! 

    Mads xx

  • Hey lovely! I did Kadcyla and didn't lose my hair :) I feel the pain though after losing it on the initial chemo you really want to get it growing back. Mine did seem to grow a little slower but I used some grow gorgeous oil which seemed to help too x