Tamoxafen & menopause

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Hi all, I'm almost 2 years post treatment now & doing well  which id great but I'm having lot of issuess with tamoxafen. I'm now in meopause & I'm really stuggling with verginal atrophy. I've tried lots of non hormonal things like oilatum in a bath each night,  lubes & non hormonal balm without much relif Can anyone advise me please? Lisa.

  • Hi  sorry to hear your struggling with tamoxifen side effects. I also struggle with vaginal dryness due to letrozole. I find that using Replens helps with day to day dryness, particularly if I use this regularly, so twice a week.  Have you tried that?  Other than that, it's worth a discussion with your GP to see if they can make any recommendation as there's perhaps a discussion to be had on the medication versus quality of life.  Best of luck 

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  • Thank you, I'll ask my gp about it this week.


  • Yes creams are organic and prescribed by GP. There are internal ones with applicators and external creams - water based or oil based - depending on what suits you. You could also consider vagifem - you’d need to talk to your BCN, who would then have to ask your oncologist to see you and approve it. It might be worth a chat about it if moisturisers alone aren’t working for you xx