Found lump in right breast and freeking put and just wating for appointment

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Hi every one kinda new but im a 33 yo male.

A few weeks ago I was experencing arm, neck pain and a bruse feeling in armpit on my right side (which has all but gone now still get twinges) and feeling tired all the time with night sweats, when I found a painless lump in my right breast which I have been to and have been refered to the breast clinic but.

But im terrified ever new little pain or twige I get I feel like its something new, im paranoid about everything I go from feeling like 1 seccond it will be fine to the next that im gonna be riddled with it, and I did the stupid thing looking online for answers which has opened up a whole new world of stuff to think about.

So I guess im just on hear to talk about things so there not just stuck in my head going round and round.

Today I found (what i think) is a new lump deeper in the same breast but this on hurts when I touch (which me and my DR dident feel a week ago and dident have pain there) and some tenderness in my left breast with some swelling under it on my rib cage, again making me think like iv found it to late and im riddled and iv still got about 2 weeks and 5 day for my apointment to come then im guessing another week after that for results im guessing.

So I just feel lost atm dont know what to do im hoping for the all clear but it feels more and more dobutfull that will happen eatch passing day and I feel like iv alredy had a not great life and iv wasted it sofar, sorry if this poast seems negative but thats just how I feel atm.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and ill also apologuise for grammer and spelling and im quite badly dyslexic.

  • Hi  welcome to the forum and so sorry you find yourself here.

    Unfortunately the waiting stage you are at at the moment is for many of us the worst part of the whole journey. Waiting to get a prognosis and treatment plan can be absolutely agonising and you often can't help but assume the worst.

    The vast majority of lumps turn out to be nothing sinister so hopefully you don't have cancer but if you do remember that breast cancer is extremely treatable these days with very high success rates so try not to worry too much and definitely don't do any more looking on the internet as a lot of the information can be wrong or out of date.

    Best thing you can do while you wait is try and keep yourself busy and distracted with whatever you enjoy or works for you.

    Hope it all turns out to be nothing.  

  • yea i know problem atm is that i had had a bad reaction to a pain killer i was given for my arm so having to stay inside in bed atm as my stomach and back is killing me so kinda just stuck hear with things flying round in my mind

  • That's very annoying  Different things work for different people so this might not be for you but reading a good book usually takes my mind off things or binge watching a box set.

    Hope you find something that takes your mind off things.

  • Very sorry that you are going through this. The waiting is the hardest. Hopefully you will get an appointment soon and they can give you clearer answers. 

    Most lumps are benign but even if it is not, breast cancer 8s not what it used to be. It is treatable and you will have your life back.

    Don't dwell on the past. Grab today and make it yours! Best of luck!

  • I’m in the same boat right now. I see it’s been a couple of weeks since your post so I’m hoping things have turned out well for you and you’ve got the all clear. I’ve got my appointment at the breast clinic next week and just want it to be over so I know one way or the other. The waiting is killing me. Hope you’re well and cancer free 

  • Hi ya still don't know yet as since I last posted my appointment got moved back 2 weeks so still not been seen yet, so gotta wait till next Wednesday hence the no update lol and I hope the same for u