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Hi, I'm 48, married, 3 grown children and a Grandma to 1 but number 2 due in Feb 2022

A few weeks ago I found a lump (pea to marble size ) in my left breast
I went to my Gp and i've been referred to the hospital, appointments tomorrow
My husband knows about this, but we haven't told our children yet, we don't want to stress them unless we have too 

My question is, if i have to have a biopsy, would I be able to hide this from my grown up son who lives with us, and would i need to take the following day off work (I'm a cleaner )

Fingers crossed I don't need one, but wondering if we should tell the kids tonight just in case ??

  • Hi Cwozza welcome to the forum. Its a difficult one I think as you may be sore and not sure how well you will be able to do your job as you will most likely have some bruising if they take a biopsy. Its not an easy decision for you especially when your son lives with you.


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  • well today's the day, appointments in 2 hours
    The nervous are kicking in 

  • Thank you for all you help and support yesterday 

    I’m very pleased to say all my test came back clean 

    it was just a protection lump from a fall I had had a few months back 


    prayers are with you all 

  • That’s fantastic news. I’ve got my appointment next week and didn’t even think about work if I end up getting a biopsy. I’ve booked the next day off just incase so thank you for thinking of something that wasn’t even on my radar. Hoping I’m as happy with my results as you are.