Zolpadex to bring on an early menapause

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Has anyone here been given Zolpadex injections to bring on the menapause, and then aromatase inhibitors?

Please could you share your experience of this? 

  • Hi  I noticed you hadn't had a response so your post so thought I'd reply to you.  Do you mean Zoladex because if you do if you put Zoladex into the search bar there are various posts from people that pop up that you might want to respond to, to see if you can get the info you need from one of those ladies.

    Also by replying to you your post will get bumped up to the top of the list where someone who has the info you are after might see it this time and get back to you.

    You might also want to put this on the main breast cancer forum as that one tends to be much more active.

    Wishing you all the best x

  • Hi. I take Zolandex injection once a month every 3weeks to be precise and Letrozole tablets. Injection are a bit painful but now after 6months I started to do them myself. Just can't be bother to book appointment and to find the time to go to GP. The side effects I have it's hot flashes and weight gain. Nothing else really. My weight went up like crazy and nothing really works to keep it down. 

    If you have questions I am here to help