Invasive breast cancer at 33

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Still feeling shell shocked following an unexpected diagnosis. Even the consultant was shocked. Overwhelmed at the road ahead - good news/success stories wanted please x

  • Hi don't worry there are plenty of good news stories on here, it's what got me through.  Breast cancer is very treatable these days with very high success rates so try not to worry too much the road ahead very likely won't be as bad as you are imagining.

    The toughest part of the journey is waiting to find out what your treatment plan is.  Once people get their treatment plan they generally feel a lot better.

    Where are you at with tests and results at the moment, have you been told what kind of cancer it is and what your treatment nt plan will be?

    The main breast cancer forum click HERE is much more active the under 50's forum so I would try posting there as well.

    Wishing you all the best with your treatment x  

  • Hi  how are you? I was diagnosed at 32 and like you it was a huge shock. I quite often feel angry that it has happened so early, like I’m too young to be dealing with this. I’ve just finished chemo and feeling much better now, from tests I know the cancer has shrunk and next is surgery so then it will be completely gone! Do you have a plan yet? It’s much easier to deal with when things start to get moving and you can feel like your are doing something about it x

  • Hi. Aww thanks for the reply. 

    Think I'm still pretty much in free fall tbh. Got my CT today and oncology on Wednesday. Hopefully there will be a plan from there. Mainly I've got horrendous anxiety and paranoia that I will have will be in my nodes etc...I try to convince myself that I'm being irrational but then again I was convinced into believing I didn't have cancer. The waiting is just absolutely awful for far above and beyond any procedure of symptom I've experienced so far. I know the rough plan is chemo, op then radio..your spot on with your last sentence...its crippling to know I'm walking around with it and not feeling like I'm doing anything to get rid.

    Basically a crappy time but I have found loads of support on here and other forums which has helped. 

    How are you feeling now? Was the chemo as bad as you thought? Any tips? X

  • So sorry to hear of the diagnosis.  I am 49 and was diagnosed in May. I've had limpectomy first and on Thursday I am on my 5th round of chemo. It is so tough and such a worry. Like you  iwas paranoid about what ifs. You need to trust your oncologist and breast cancer team. They are amazing and will take care of you.

    Chemo is hard, I'm not going to try and sugar coat it. But having said that, it is also good as it does what it is supposed to do. You will feel like you cannot go on with it  but you will. The body is amazing at recovering from it. It is tough but you are tougher! 

    Ask questions and just go with your emotions. Go on here anytime that you have questions. Tje nurses are also amazing and yiu can phone them if you jave any questions on your diagnosis.

    Best of luck

  • Hi. I was diagnosed at age 34. Huge shock and now 2years late I still can't believe it fully. All went really fast from diagnosis. I had mascetomy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and target treatment. My advice try take one day at the time. One step after another and have a end goal in mind.I had really bad side effects to all my treatment end up in hospital 3 times while I had chemotherapy ,had sepsis,gout bacteria,pick line infection I could write a book but at the end my oncologist said that I am cancer free so it was all worth it.

    Good luck and if you have any questions feel free to send me s massage