Chemotherapy and young children

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I'm due to start 5 months of chemo in the next few weeks and I have a 4 year old just about to start school and a 2 year old returning to nursery.

My chemo will start just as they return. 

How do people cope with the germs and bugs? What systems do people have in place for the home? What should I buy or plan to do? Do people isolate from their families? I don't know what to expect or do. 

Any advice will be helpful. Very worried about being vulnerable! 

  • Hi , I noticed that you haven't had a response to your post.  You might want to try posting it again but on the main breast cancer site HERE as that tends to be much busier so you're more likely to get a response.  

    You might also want to try posting it on the current Chemotherapy thread HERE given it's a chemo related question.  This thread is for ladies currently going through chemo so that should offer you more support.

    Hope all goes well x

  • Hi  I'm not sure if you've had replies from posting this anywhere else but I have just seen it and can relate so thought I'd drop you a line. 

    I started chemo in January and finished in June. It was still the height of the pandemic at the start so we did choose to keep my 2 year old off nursery for about 3 months, which was obviously very hard in itself as he is usually there 3 days a week and I had a hell of a lot less energy and my partner was trying to work from home 4 days a week. Luckily we had support from my parents who came and stayed weekly for one or two nights. We finally decided in April he needed to go back. I had such guilt he was missing out on development and socialising but was also so worried I would get covid and not recover as easily as others may. 

    Looking back I honestly don't know how we did it but we did! Now I'm still cautious with germs and he is my biggest risk being at nursery as I don't go to many crowded places at all. I know I couldn't have isolated from my little boy, his cuddles really are what got me through the treatment. I think extra hand washing, cleaning all their clothes daily etc is all you can do.

    Good luck x

  • Hi,

    Hope your treatment is going well.

    I have started chemo in August and my first cycle of chemo was fine. I have 3 children and since September I end up in hospital with high temperature twice. My dosage was decreased to 75% and treatment was deferred. Now I moved to live with my mother in law and my last chemo was uneventful. I didn’t see my children for more than 4 weeks now but in long term I know it’s the best for everyone. This way I can give them many more cuddles after treatment. 
    If you have chance to shield try to avoid any infection. I was wearing mask at home but it didn’t help. 
    Take care xx

  • Hi, I hope your chemo is going well. I know you posted this a few months ago but I've only just seen it. Have you found a good routine with the chemo and your children?

    My children are older than yours; 9 and 6. My husband and I were also unsure what to do for the best when I started chemo. We contemplated keeping them out of school and home schooling them but decided against that. When they come home from school all their uniform goes straight into the washing machine, they get washed and put on clean clothes. They go to Beavers & Cubs but we've kept them off that at times if the activities that week are indoors. The school messaging service puts the fear of god into me as every other day there's a covid case in certain year group. I'm 12 weeks in to chemo now and luckily *touch wood* I've not caught anything from the children. I do keep myself to myself and only socialise with a very few close friends. We live 250 miles from family so have only seen a couple of family members over the past e few months and they all get covid tested before they visit. It's not easy but I hope you're keeping well and have found a routine that fits xxxx