Newly diagnosed TNBC at 34

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Hi all, 

I have newly been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer and I am really struggling with this. Not only the breast cancer but with the fertility side of things. 

My partner and I were trying for a baby when I found my lump and I was also told I didn’t have time to do fertility treatment before chemotherapy. I am now worried that I will never be able to have my own children and feeling very angry at the world right now. I know this feeling will pass and it will just take time. I need to remain positive that it could still happen for us, I am just finding it very hard at the moment to deal with the fertility as well as the cancer. 

  • Hi , sorry no one has responded to your post yet.  I don't know how fertility is or isn't affected by chemotherapy, have your doctors discussed this with you because if not you should ask them.

    The priority at the moment is to get the cancer treated so try to focus on that for now and not so much on what may or may not happen from a fertility point of view.  I know it's not easy but you have enough to worry about and get your head around with the cancer and imagining the worst case scenarios re your fertility isn't going to achieve anything.

    With the cancer diagnosis it does get easier as time passes especially after you find out exactly what you are dealing with and are given your treatment plan.  Breast cancer is very treatable these days so hang in there, you can do this. xx

  • Hi 

    thank you so much for replying to me. The doctors said that chemotherapy can affect your ovaries and fertility, they have put me on the goserline injection to try and save my ovaries. What they can’t assure me on is if my fertility will come back. Just need to keep fingers crossed. 

    I just had round 3 off fee, and they want to give me one more because I’ve been able to manage the side effects I have had. Then it is onto 3/4 cycles of Paxil/Taxol. Surgery has been mentioned but not what kind as yet, I suppose it depends on how chemo does it’s job. 

    I went to my Maggie’s Centre on Wednesday and I am so glad I did. They were so lovely and they are going to put me in touch with a support group for young adults, I think being able to talk to someone that has been through the same thing will really help. Family and friends have been supportive but they don’t always quite understand. 

    thank you again, I really appreciate it. 

  • You are very welcome .  Going to Maggie's was a great idea and being in touch with others who are your age group and facing the same issues is I think the best thing you can do.

    You can't control the future so do the best you can for yourself in the present and hopefully your fertility will return. 

  • Hi thanks for posting that.  It's survivors like you that give us all hope and see us through the dark days. So very happy for you Grinning