Weird food cravings

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Hello everyone, so today i have had my 2nd chemo session. Went really well. Its been a couple of hours since my treatment and i always get these weird cravings after ive had my treatment.... last time it was cheese. Today it is  silverskin pickled onions and soreen. Laughing 

Does anyone else have odd cravings like this?

  • I had a much sweeter tooth than usual on the AC chemo, and ate a lot of ginger nuts to help with the nausea.

  • I can totally relate to this I've just had my 3rd EC cycle, but 1st & 2nd cycles I had the same cheese craving stronger the better! I also had a much sweeter tooth eating lots of ginger biscuits to ease nausea. This cycle I'm struggling to taste anything its uncomfortable to swallow food is totally tasteless & like sandpaper.

    I've really found this week a struggle emotionally its just got me down the jollop they give you to ease going to the loo isn't doing much to elevate my symptoms feeling meh!!