Hi newbi here but not to cancer

Hi I'm Jeni. Im34yr old 

3kods 15(f2m) son 8(. Unicorn) 6 (kitten)  and.as.such they identify 

Myself I have extreme pain in boobs I have tubalar breast.deformity

Swollen hot new.strretchmarks areola looks like they got paintballed on.

Cancer 3times cervical survivor

Aunt died from Padgets disease of the nipple 

My 2WW appt came through Dr Macmillan  I see irony wasn't.losy.here

Anyway.after.treating my painfully sore boobs like a old transistor radio..and then try to push that into my chest was told its NOT cancer... But tamoxifen for 3-6 instead 

GP refused to do prescription as no tests probw.its.need 6 week on still no idea...do I go down private assess

Or.gene.testing.or.a&e and.sit.there.. I'd really love know how they came.too thayey.are.fine with no tests... X 

  • Hi sorry to hear you've had cancer 3 times, that must have been really hard especially being as young as you are.

    I don't know why they concluded that they don't need to do tests, the only wa you will get an answer to that is by asking the medical team that made that decision.  They must have had a reason for deciding that and they should be able to explain their reasons to you.  I'm surprised they didn't, it makes sense to give you all the information so that it gives you confidence in what they are telling you and puts your mind at rest.

    Hope you get the answers you need.

    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm