Side effects and long term effects removing ovaries/ fallopian tubes and

Hello everyone, hope you are all well,

im new here. i had breast cancer 6 years ago (neo advacent chemo, surgery, mastectomy, reconstructed surgery, radiation,tamoxifen 5 years, tried zoladex +=didn’t agree on me) and have recently found out have brca gene (breast cancer runs in the family- i only went to discover for my 3 children’s sakes) and advised to get my ovaries & tubes removed. I am 52 and in peri menopause. 

Tamoxifen wasn’t too bad, it infact made me feel safe, after the initial hot flashes and stiffness with it, it was manageable. After 5+ years i was asked to change to zoladex and trying two different preventative drugs, which i tried. They really didn’t agree on me, low mood, swelling in fingers and hands, heavy stoic body, aching joints, waking up with numbness several times a night and pretty much feeling like a wreck because of this. So i know when you mess with hormones, life quality can drop very quickly. 

Recently I've been highly recommended to have my ovaries and tubes removed and i understand its fairly painless and recovery time is relatively short. My breast surgeon who is normally very cagey about influencing me one way or another especially when he’s not ob-gyn, shocked me by saying: “you should definitely do it, its a silent killer”..not only did he say it once but six times (yes i counted and told him too), as i was on the fence if i should do it or not. What worries me, is the side-effects going straight into menopause and possibly feeling very low in mood.Can anyone tell me what to expect? How was it for you? And what did you do to help with symptoms? How do you feel after a year? After 2-3 + years? Also is there anything i should research or consider otherwise?… i guess if i do end up going for it, i would like it to be as suffering free as possible, throw the suffering to the wind ;)!

I had a call with the Geneology research lady yesterday and she did say that even though historically HRT wasn’t offered especially when your cancer was fed by oestrogen like mine, new research shows that having HRT doesn’t significantly make the risk higher, so if you are having a hard time you might even be able to have some HRT… does anyone have experience on this? 

Thank you so much in advance, if you have even a moment to share I would be very grateful BlushPray tone1

~life is a roller coaster~, love and joy


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  • Hello Fleur. I to had my ovaries, and fallopian tubes removed in 2013. I was in my early thirties and have no children. My surgery went well and yes I instantly went into Menopause. For me if I must say was the very low libido and inercourse for me personally is painful. There are a few things that you can do to help out with the problem. I have never been on HRT because of the breast cancer risk. I feel fine and it's been awhile for me besides for the intimacy I feel good. Hot flashes have never been to much of a problem for me. I suggest looking into the things you can do to help yourself with intimacy. Research how your body changes down there. I believe you can use pomegranate oil etc to help out. If there's  anything else you'd like to know please feel free to ask. Have a great day