Hallo I’m new here

Hi, this is my story so far: slight pink spotting in September, diagnosed with endometrial cancer in November (at that time probably grade 1, stage 1a); hysterectomy just over two weeks ago, recovering well, had results last Friday which showed a few unexpected cells on the cervix so it’s now grade 1, stage 2 and I will be having adjuvant radiotherapy in due course. I was reeling from that when the doctor said “there’s something else …. we found stics in your Fallopian tubes, basically pre cancer, which is rare and may be genetic, so it may be an idea to talk to the genetics team”. Four days on and I’m still trying to get my head round it all. No cancer on my mother’s side, but my dad died from prostate cancer and his mother from breast cancer, so it could be his line, I’m thinking I should leave this till after my radiotherapy but my mind keeps jumping to it so I thought I’d post here to get it out of my head and hopefully have some support as and when. Thanks for reading.