I feel awful for writing this but I am so cross with our. Macmillan nurse. In the 35 days my mum was alive after her stage 4 terminal diagnosis, she came out to see mum once. That visit she wouldn't discuss my mum's diagnosis with me, despite my mum saying it was fine to and she told me I was being a bit melodramatic, that mum had much longer to live than I was acting like. Seven days later my mum died. The day before mum died, the doctor and the district nurses came out to reassess her, our macmillan nurse had been asked by the doctor to come and see her but couldn't because she was busy. She phoned 8 hours after mum died to arrange to come and see her. We haven't heard from her since.

I do understand how horribly busy they are, I really do but I'm feeling so shocked at the lack of support, when all I had heard was how incredible their support was supposed to be.

Sorry for being horrible.