Recently lost my Dad

Hi everyone.

I lost my Dad last Tuesday to PMP cancer (its a rare kind, which is typical of Dad, he could never have anything 'normal'!)

We're still organising his funeral which is helping keep us focused. My concern is about the time after. I'm mostly thinking about the firsts - first time we all meet as a family, first trip to one of his favourite places, fathers day, his birthday, my birthday, Christmas etc. 

I'd love some advice from anyone who's been through this - how did you manage it? I know there's no one fit for all, but any tips would be so helpful right now.


  • Hi Heartbroken25, i made a small mistake on my message as it's actually nearly two years since my dad past and not 3 like i first thought.

  • I lost my Dad almost 18 months ago so we’ve done all the firsts really. It’s the less significant things that I find the hardest. I would speak to my dad everyday and he was my go to for absolutely everything, there was nothing he couldn’t fix or answer for me. So the hardest firsts for me have been learning to fix things that he would have done for me or find things out that he would’ve known. It’s still hard to believe that he’s gone, when I allow the full thought into my head it still feels like a punch in the stomach every time.