Poem dedicated to my wonderful Frenchy Dora

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I wrote this poem thinking how much I love my dog who helped me through thick and thin of the grieving process. 


Weather changing - getting warm,

Nows the chance to leave the home,

And spend more time more time with Dora,

My French bull dog the ultimate Explorer, 

She gets excited when I pick up the lead,

Then flips into madness it must be her breed,

From 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds, 

Using her butt and head like lethal weapons,

Ramming the door and knocking over a vars,

No care in the world and no disregards, 

After this madness we need a short rest,

What is her problem is she possessed, 

Then out in the open blue skies up above, 

This is her domain it's all the smells that she loves,

She then becomes stubborn and wants her own way,

Ignoring all I tell her sit down and just stay,

But I have a pocket it's filled with pure joy,

Treats are my answer it's my only ploy, 

I know it's no Winner she's brainier than me,

If dogs went to Uni she'd have a degree,

A masters in human intelligence, 

If there was such a thing,

I have her on a long lead ,

But I'm a puppet on a string.

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    That's a cracking poem and well written too. I have a couple of dogs and I always think that taking them out for a walk is good for not only me but them too!

    It's a hard thing grieving for a lost partner and when it's someone so young and full of life it can take forever to get over it. I am so pleased you dog has helped in this process. Are you aware of this forum we have on the Community:

    Bereaved spouses and partners forum 

    It would be great to join that forum and post your poem their too. Just click on the link I have provided for you and it will take you there.

    Best wishes to you and Dora - Brian.

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  • Thankyou so much for the positive response. 

    It helps writing my poems (40 in all) but the positive replies I receive are an even greater lift and give me a good feel I have a purpose after my loss.

    I have posted, as you said on bereaved spouses and partners forum and hope I put a smile on members of the community. 

    Thankyou again it means so much. X