Looking after a dog.

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I use to have a dog. She was a parson Russel terrier although a parson Russel terrorist would be a better description. She loved chasing squirrels and would suddenly go turbo in the house. I miss having a dog but am unsure how I’d feel if I could afford to have one now given my health problems. She certainly could cheer me up with her antics and cheek. I lost her early in 2016 due to congestive heart disease. The option of having and looking after a dog properly is no longer an option for me. The heating costs in winter for the house is excessively high and if there are any more rises are unsustainable. The insurance is to high especially as the dog gets older and vets bills. The very thing that could offer me some companionship is only for the wealthy now.

  • An alternative maybe is to borrow a dog? :) Do you know anyone that has one that would be happy for them to visit from time to time?  Also, you could look into being a fosterer for a shelter, but that would all depend if you feel well enough to do such a thing.  They really do make us feel better, I hope you find some way to get some doggie cuddles :)

  • I see my sister’s dog which is a Labrador. Borrowing a dog is not the same as having one. At the moment I feel very uncomfortable in myself. I live in hope that life would get better but I just gets worst.

  • Hi Trillium58,

    Cancer takes so many unexpected things away from us, things that those around us don't understand how hard they might be. It comes with it's own feelings of loneliness even if we are surrounded by family and friends, so I'm not surprised you miss your little terrier. I wanted to reply though to say how much I admire your strength of decision not to get a dog right now. So many dogs end up having to be re-homed, it would be heartbreaking to have to give it up if you found you couldn't cope. I agree the cost too is also not something to be taken lightly nowadays, especially if we've had to cut down working hours. It just shows what a good, caring, responsible person you are to consider all these things and put the dog's welfare first.

    I don't know how poorly you are of course and I know it's not the same but is there a different pet you could manage now? You may laugh but I had a budgie and he was as much of a character as the dogs, sat on my shoulder all the time. Just chatting and caring for it might help a bit with the companionship side of things? I was recently on here talking to   about her budgie Gerry and he sounded just the same as my Mork!

    I now just have my 2 older collies. Sadly my eldest one has the same cancer as me, so won't be with me long. Luckily my other is content with the shorter walks I do now and I can easily cope. But I made the decision not to get another pup to train as I would previously, having now had to give up agility, restricted physically and not having confidence in what the long term future holds.

    It certainly takes a long time to mentally adapt to a cancer diagnosis (and I for one am still learning) and to also not let in feelings of resentment at what changes we've had to make and people who don't have cancer just don't get it, so it's good you've posted your feelings on here x