I believe my French bull dog DORA knew the passing of Cheryl

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My French bull dog DORA was a massive comfort and aided me with the pain of grief by being by my side constantly. 

She is so protective towards me and knows when I get emotional. 

I couldn't have managed aswell as I have without her. 

I owe her a lot of love. She was a rescue dog from a breader who wanted rid after giving them 3 litters.

I received her with a belly full of stitches from a c section. 

  • Hi  

    She's lovely, looks like she has a good life with you now.

    A x

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  • Hi Dora223, my dog Pip, though was suffering with Dementia, was by my side all through my breast cancer op & treatment. He died same day as oncologist told me no more chemo. I was devastated though good news about chemo. Pip was a loving guy, we had a good life together for 14 yrs & miss him very much. I've now adopted a rescue french bulldog that needed a home. Similar to you, owners didn't want her after breeding her. I'm still going through more cancer treatment 3rd year now but Maddie is there for me too. I'm very lucky to have such lovely caring dogs in my life to help me get through more cancer treatment & giving me a life to enjoy with her to carry on. Dora looks gorgeous! xx 

  • There is so much more about a rescue dog .I think the bond is instant due to total different way there life is from now something I'm sure they've never witnessed in there younger days.

    They just love the company ,the love and attention. 

    In return there character un folds ,but I think they are all crackers as they explode into a crazy dash up and down the landing ,banging off doors and walls ,jumping up and down off the sofa and then suddenly flop in a pile absolutely knackered. 

    At the moment Dora has a terrible skin condition and always gets worse when I stop the steroids.

    I don't want her to be taking the steroids every day but I can't control her scratching without them .

    She has to be cared for no matter what it takes and so be it ,back to vets for tablets.

    She looked after me in my crisis and I owe her everything.

    I hope you get so much fun and love with your rescue Frenchy .

    Take care and I hope all the best for you both .

  • Thank you Dora223 for your reply. Maddie's struggling with me getting back to a normal routine as suffering tiredness/fatigue after bone cancer treatment. She is very patient but shows her feelings when not getting her walks. I'm getting about more & walking Maddie but she has problems with other dogs as barks at them on walks. Adopted Maddie not knowing her history of previous family issues. Loves meeting people & wins hearts but walking her is a nightmare. Determined to help her overcome it as we both need to keep fit. Thank you for replying, means a lot. How are you & how is Dora keeping? 

  • Thankyou ,I am struggling still with my partners loss and owe Dora everything for being by my side .she is like my shadow. 

    Dora is a nightmare also when on a walk. 

    She has to go her route and if I disagree she will sit like a big boulder and not move and turns to face the way she wants to go.

    I only win if I pull out a treat from my left pocket.they have to be in left pocket ,WHY ,ask Dora. 

    This Is a small problem compared to what we've both gone through. 

    I would be lost without Dora and I wouldn't leave the house either.

    Our pets are a big help and they understand emotions and when we need there support and love.

    I hope you carry on building strength physically and emotionally. 

    I hope nothing but the best for you on your journey.


  • I recently wrote a poem about Dora my French bull dog I hope you like it .


    Weather changing - getting warm,

    Nows the chance to leave the home,

    And spend more time more time with Dora,

    My French bull dog the ultimate Explorer, 

    She gets excited when I pick up the lead,

    Then flips into madness it must be her breed,

    From 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds, 

    Using her butt and head like lethal weapons,

    Ramming the door and knocking over a vars,

    No care in the world and no disregards, 

    After this madness we need a short rest,

    What is her problem is she possessed, 

    Then out in the open blue skies up above, 

    This is her domain it's all the smells that she loves,

    She then becomes stubborn and wants her own way,

    Ignoring all I tell her sit down and just stay,

    But I have a pocket it's filled with pure joy,

    Treats are my answer it's my only ploy, 

    I know it's no Winner she's brainier than me,

    If dogs went to Uni she'd have a degree,

    A masters in human intelligence, 

    If there was such a thing,

    I have her on a long lead ,

    But I'm a puppet on a string.

  • This could also describe my 12 year old Parsons Jack Russell Terrier Holly who i adopted back in December 2020. She knew intuitively when I was struggling with my cancer diagnosis. Animals in general know a lot more than we credit them for. I love your poem especially the last line I’m definitely a puppet on a string as far as Holly is concerned RoflHeart

  • Thankyou my Dora came into my life around 6months or so before my partners diagnosis. 

    And she bonded to me straight away ,and when i say bonded ,I mean so clingy she was like my shadow, she saw the changes to my partner like I did so it must have effected her. 

    In my living room I have to photos on the wall the size of posters.i can lie on sofa with dora and ask her where mammy is and call Cheryl my partners name. 

    Her eyes stare straight at the photos and she gets as close to me as she can.its so strange but in a way nice.it  makes me teary. 

    I find it comforting as I believe my partner is around.