Behavioural changes

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My babies!!!!!  Before I had my myeloma diagnosis, my two lovelies started behaving differently. Calmer, more attentive to me, snuggling. My dog has taken to licking me everywhere he can reach, and it might be because it is a blood cancer and I have lesions throughout, so it covers the entire body. My cat has become more talkative and giving me a tonne more headbutts.  Pets are amazing, and I sincerely believe they know when something like cancer is going on with their owners. I'll have to have time away from them for treatment, which is horrible, but I have to say they are an incredible comfort.

  • What lovely pets. I am sure that they do realise and my cats were a great support during my treatments. They also were calmer on days when I felt poorly, particularly during chemo where they would curl up on me and have a snooze. I did miss mine when I was having treatment but lucky that my son could help out so I knew they would have lots of love and fuss.



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  • They make all the difference don't they?  I'd be lost without them