Pet Care to cover Chemo/Radiotherapy

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Hi all.

I'm currently midway through a 6 week course of weekly chemotherapy and when this ends I will start 5 weeks of Mon-Fri Chemo/Radiotherapy. My problem is this will be at a hospital 65 miles away in the middle of winter (I'm in Scotland) starting at 8.30am on a Monday morning.

More than my health, my stress is my cat... I may not be able to come home every day either due to transport, how I'm feeling or weather and so my worst case scenario plan is to book him into his usual cattery (he's been there before, but only ever for a few days) for potentially the whole 5 weeks as even if I can get home on a Friday the cattery is another 1.5 hours round trip and he will need to go back in on Sunday. I'm worried how boarding for 5 weeks will affect him - the cattery is lovely but he's a really energetic outdoors boy and I don't know how his mental health will hold up. He's not really a candidate for a cat sitter either. Can anyone share their experiences of similar or reassure me it will be OK? 

Thanks x

  • Hi  

    It must be very distressing for you to have to try and decide what's the best course of action for your cat while you're having treatment.

    I can't offer any solutions, but I noticed that your post hadn't had any replies yet so responding to you will 'bump' it back to the top of the discussion list where it'll be easier to spot.

    Wishing you all the best with your upcoming treatment.

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  • There is a charity called The Cinnamon Trust, perhaps they can help or at least advise. 

  • I hope you found a resolution and wish you well. 

  • I know some pet insurers cover the costs of things like this when an owner has to go into hospital. I really hope you worked this out :/  I know if I could I would take my pets with me as I am expecting up to eight weeks isolation for a stem cell transplant. They are our babies and joy.

  • Latchbrook. Over the years had to suggest this for folk.  I have found, that the leader worrying for you and for your car is to get someone you trust to pop into your home.  It doesn't have to be every day. She/he can leave enough food And Water for two days. If they want can sit and play or be with him for a while. I would worry about rescues and catteries of escaping.  But always found this best solution. My problem right now is trying to get someone to become a forever after carer if something happened to me.  But cannot get anyone local. Not One response!  Think about your pet, what he would endure best. I think his own home best.  Mo.

  • Hi  

    It wasn't me that was asking about pet care but  so I've 'tagged' them so they'll see your reply.

    I hope you can find someone local to look after your pet if something happened to you, as it must be a worry for you.

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  • The Cats Protection offer service called Cat Guardians. You register your cats with them and they will rehome them when the time comes. It's free, although a donation in your Will woukd be gratefully received. It's disappointing you've not had  response. Please try this.