Dogs at end of life

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Sorry if this is not in the right place. My dad has been given a terminal diagnosis  completely out of the blue. We are just coming to terms with it, the main thing that he keeps going on about, is he wants his beloved dog beside right until the end. Our heads are in a spin, but after losing our mum very suddenly to cancer in hospital, we are determined to get everything in place so he can have his wishes. I presuming hospices(if he decides on that route) allow dogs in and right until the end? It breaks my heart writing this, but myself and brother want to give him everything he wishes for.

Many thanks in advance

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    I don't know if dogs are allowed in hospices but you could give your dad's local one a call to find out.

    You might also like to join and post this question in the supporting someone with incurable cancer group as someone there might have already asked their local hospice. If this is something that you'd like to do, clicking on the link I've provided will take you straight there.


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