Grief is the price we pay for love

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Dear All

Sadly we had to say goodbye to our lovely Harry on Monday.  He had some blood tests three weeks ago which weren’t good news and showed that his liver was failing.  You will all know that agonising pain of making that final decision but we had to do the best thing we could for Harry.  We stayed with him and he passed away peacefully in his bed. We always said that Harry loved his many walks and fusses but he always loved to get back in his bed!  We have had so many lovely cards and special thoughts from our friends and neighbours as everyone in the area knew and loved Harry too and said that he lit up the street with his happiness. Take care everyone xx

  • Sorry for your loss xx Hope you can take comfort from the fact Harry appears to have been loved by everyone he came in touch with him xx Best wishes Michael  xx

  • I’m so sorry about Harry, I’ve only just seen your post.  The last great gift we can give them is to set them free from pain and the loss of quality of life.  We lost our beautiful dog in October, we still miss her dreadfully but she’s in a better place, running around in the sunshine with all her friends, I’m sure Harry was welcomed by all the dogs as he crossed the bridge. 
    Take care xx

  • Thank you Michael for your kind words-we are missing Harry so much but we have so many lovely and happy memories of our precious years together.  I hope that you do not require any further treatment and continue to stay well xx

  • Thank you for your lovely thoughts jayceeh5.  We are so thankful that we had Harry in our lives for so long -we couldn’t let him suffer and as you say he is now running around Rainbow Bridge with his old friends and knowing Harry he will also be having a good dig with a pebble!! Take care xx

  • I consider myself really lucky that surgeon managed to remove cancer with good margins and no node spread.   So other than routine follow up appointments no further action needed.   Take care xx