Our Bonnie Lad Benji

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Since I work full time our Shitzu spends most of the day with my partner Lorraine.   He always come to greet me when I come home but cuddles up to Lorraine on a night.   It is strange prior to finding out that I had mouth cancer  he would come and sit with me and it was weird  on the day of my diagnosis we were watching a film about a dog that was reincarnated as  different breeds but helped his owner in various ways and just as the film was ending Benji came  and  he gave me a lick on the face which he normally doesn't do.   Most People would say this is just a coincidence but I really believe animals have a sixth sense.   Since I have had my surgery he has gone back cuddling up with Lorraine on the sofa.   My cancer journey has been a relatively easy (for which I am grateful) but what it has done has made me realise that there is more to life than work.   Thank you for listening xx