Harry is our hero

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Harry is now 14 and is still doing remarkably well.  He prefers the colder weather so with his waterproof yellow jacket on he has regularly being walking over 2 miles over the hills first thing inBearthe mornings.  Despite being blind he walks at a good pace with occasional pointers from us if he wanders too far from the paths.  He loves meeting his friends, both human and doggie, and althougBearhe has never seem some of them he still recognises them and is always ready for a bounce around or a fuss.  Harry also has two or three shorter walks every day so he is as fit as he can be for hiBearage.  He does love snuggling in his bed once he has had a walk and why not-he deserves it!  BearSnowflake Sorry emojis have appearing over my message-don’t know what I pressed!!  Take care all xx️

  • My love and a gentle hug for Harry please! He’s a handsome boy and so lucky to have such a loving home, I’m sure his blindness is compensated for by his other senses so he doesn’t miss out on anything (cuddles and food being at the top of the list no doubt!).

    Take care x

  • Hi Yes Harry certainly has plenty of fuss made of him, by us and also most people who we meet-they all love little H. Luckily his hearing is still fairly good and of course sniffing is one of his main senses he uses.  He is able to make his way upstairs on his own-quite often in the middle of the night when he wants to go out in the garden, but he has to be counted down the stairs otherwise he thinks he is at the bottom when he still has a couple of steps to go.   I have read your profile and I hope that is is up to date and that things are still okay with you both. xx

  • We lost our beautiful Bernese in October and the house still feels so empty, she would have been 10 next week - she never went upstairs because I was always worried about her hips, the momentum coming down could have been spelt disaster!

    How is Harry doing?  I love older dogs, they have such a wonderful way about them, I wish I could hear some of their stories!

    We’re fine, thank you so much for asking.  My husband did have to have several dilations last year due to thickening of the scar tissue but the consultant found the cause and all is well now - he eats very well thankfully.

    Your profile looks positive, is the counselling helping?  A cancer diagnosis is such a thunderbolt, the right support and therapy is essential because the mental side of coping is so important. I’m glad your husband is so supportive, it’s not easy seeing the person you love go through so much, I struggled but we got there, I treasure every day now. xx