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Sadly even Gracie cannot bring a smile to my face today. On Friday 16th September my beloved husband passed away. He fought cancer cheerfully and with courage.

This photo was taken just a week ago, I had booked a falconry experience for him and our family. We had an amazing few hours and have some lovely photos. 

  • Hi

    I'm so sorry to read that your husband has recently passed away.

    Hopefully it is some comfort knowing that you were able to have experiences like the one at the falconry centre so very recently. I'm sure it was a great day.

    Sending a virtual (((hug)))

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  • I’m so sorry Grasan, your life has changed so quickly.

    What a lovely photo, memories can never be taken away.

    J x

  • A big hug for Gracie too, she will be such a comfort to you x

  • So sorry Grasan

    Sending you a hug. 


  • His death was so sudden (even though we knew he was very ill and was in hospital) and I didn’t get to the hospital in time to be with him. The nurse rang to say he was having a panic attack and wanted me there, 20 minutes later when I got to the ward I was told he had gone. I literally collapsed on the floor crying. I’m “glad” he didn’t suffer any longer but I’m heartbroken I wasn’t there for him. I know these are all feelings that come with grief but at the moment that doesn’t make it any easier. It’s now almost a week and I am still awaiting information from the hospital (because of the bank holiday weekend and also the possibility that the Coroner may be involved due to his cancer being asbestos related). 
    Family and friends are being very supportive but I just want him back, after 52 years together I feel empty and lost. But I need some answers and to be able to arrange his funeral. Poor Gracie gets so excited when the door opens and then she stops when she realises it isn’t him. 
    Our wonderful Macmillan Nurse is calling out tomorrow to see me and chat which is good because she was so helpful during the last two months it’s nice to know that I am still able to have her support. 
    Sorry for this ramble.


  • He had only been in hospital for four days and I wanted to discuss him coming home which is what he had also wanted to happen. 

  • That must have been heart breaking not to arrive at the hospital in time to be with him but I'm sure he'd know you'd do everything you could to be there as you sound like such a close and loving couple.

    Please take advantage of all the support you can get from friends and relatives.


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  • Hi Grasan

    Sending you and your family a hug. Heart