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So after a really horrible and sad two months following the news that there is no more treatment for my husband as his cancer has grown and spread further I thought I’d cheer myself up a bit by looking through and sharing some more photos of my wonderful whippet Gracie!


Doing my other side now!! (Rest assured Gracie was only out in the sun for 10 minutes). Whippets LOVE to sunbathe!!! 

Waiting for the steam train at Haverthwaite.

No one saw me sneak up for a snooze on the bed!!!!

Hmmm I think I see a rabbit…. 

She just makes me smile!!!!!!


  • I'm sorry to read that there's no more treatment available for your husband but glad to see you have the support of Gracie.

    She's really lovely, although I have to admit to having a soft spot for whippets. 


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  • Hi Grasan

    What a beautiful girl she is.  I especially love the photo of her waiting patiently for the train.  We were taking Harry out very early when it was so hot but back to walking at a more reasonable 7am again now.  I hope that having Gracie in your lives continues to give you joy and comfort. Take care xx

  • Hi

    I’ve just been reading your profile and can I firstly say how sorry I am that you are grieving for your mum as well as having to deal with cancer. Secondly Harry is so sweet looking!!! I had a spaniel as a child and remember how soft she was to cuddle up to on the sofa. Whippets are very much “sofa surfers” but have very bony elbows which they use to great effect to secure the best and biggest part of the sofa!!!!

    I love all these funny pictures and quotes!!! All very true as well!!!

    Happy walking


  • These have really made me smile. Thanks for sharing. I’ve never had the privilege of owning a whippet. Maybe one day. I have a very bossy Bengal for now. 
    What lovely time wasters these animals are ? Xxxx


  • Aw Bengals are stunningly beautiful, my daughter had two many years ago!!! She now has Maine Coon cats which are also stunningly beautiful but need a lot of grooming!!! One of her females recently had three kittens, which are very very cute!!! 

    Yes you are right "lovely time wasters" and smile makers as well.


  • Thank you for your kind words about my mum, especially when you are going through such a difficult time yourselves. It is funny that you have a picture about dogs being wolves once as Harry sometimes goes round and round in his bed as if to flatten it down and ever since we adopted him at 10 months old he has has random howling sessions-sometimes when we are next to him so it isn’t loneliness-we always say it must be a full moon!!  Here is one of our favourite fridge magnets xx 

  • Yes I am aren’t I thank you x


  • Gracie enjoying a catch up with her whippet friends!! 
    L-R… Zeus, Luna, Dobby and Gracie!!!