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Hi I’ve not gone through a year of treatment and it’s on pause for awhile, me and my family were hoping to take a few days staycation but not sure where to go, I usually go to Wales but my mum isn’t keen on going there as she wants to try somewhere different. However, I am a wheelchair user following treatment, my one year old niece would be joining us as well as our our little dog. It is difficult to find a placeThat would accommodate all of us.

Can anyone recommend any can anyone recommend any pet friendly places to stay in the UK, also accessible for wheelchair users and will suit a 1 year old 

  • Hi Charlotte. We have previously stayed in a lodge near to Matlock, Derbyshire with our spaniel.  They have some pet friendly and wheelchair user lodges-you are best giving them a ring to check.  They have a swimming pool and soft play area suitable for a one year old.  They have several offers on at the moment so why not have a look to see if this would be suitable for you- Good luck xx