Do I bring my dog home?

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ibe got a dilemma that I’d like to share.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma in March. I was really ill and was hospitalised for a month so I had to ask a friend who has her own dog of the same breed to look after her.

I've been through a couple of months of chemo and my dog is still out in Hertfordshire with my friend and I can see in the photos and videos that she’s super happy out there. I live in central london in a small flat, no garden. My friend has a house, a garden, and the other dog to play with. She also works from home. I’m starting to work again and will. E spending hours out of the house eventually. 

I miss my dog terribly. Just having her around is so comforting and adds so much to my mental health but I am worried that I’d be doing her a disservice by taking her back to live with me. I worry that im being selfish and not putting her welfare first. 

I had my (hopefully) final PET scan today. Fingers crossed that im in remission. What do people think? 

  • I think you should get your dog back. I had a German Shepherd puppy 15 years ago and I was harassed , victimised to the point I had to go off sick from work at the Home Office. The one thing that boosted my confidence and mental health whilst I was off sick was my puppy. I watched videos of Cesar Milan and loved every minute , watching my dog swim for the first time, pull me away from people. I was intimidated and had my privacy violated after I resigned from the Home Office as I had been talking about abuse and corruption and was left very mentally ill and suicidal and unable to return to my flat. I had to give my puppy away as had no where to live anymore. Worst decision of my life, giving away my dog. . Years later it still traumatised me and made me very upset. I have recently been diagnosed with cancer and had a double mastectomy. What happened to me 15 years ago with losing my puppy ,home, privacy and career  was worse, losing my puppy and home who kept me sane was far harder than Breast cancer. Apparently he was in a happy home with another dog and they lived by the sea. The biggest regret of my life is having to give away my puppy who helped me so much. I met like minded people who loved dogs and they only knew my dogs name , not mine and I only knew their dogs name. If I were you I'd get another dog or go out more to the park where you can see him/ her socialise and play. Best thing in life and will be a massive therapy and coping strategy for you. 

  • Hi there,

    I know your post is 3 months old and I'm unsure if you're still active on this site, but I am curious to know how things have gone with regards to your lovely dog? I don't think you were selfish at all with how you felt... Having a furry companion with you does wonders for mental health... It's definitely not selfish to be concerned for your own well-being and, despite living in a flat, I'm sure you looked after your dog just fine and gave her all the love in the world :)

    I do hope that your scan came back with good news... I really hope you are doing well and wish you all the very best with things.

  • Hello, I hope you are doing well now! I wanted to share my opinion about your situation. It seems to me that deep down you want the dog to stay with a friend. If you take her, then you will feel guilty for taking her away from where she could have been better. But you don't know for sure, I'm sure that in the photos with you she is also very happy. Ask your friend if your dog is bothering her and what she thinks about staying with her.
    In any case, it's up to you. All the best!