Dog and me diagnosed around the same time

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Hey all,

My best friend Barney was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last Tuesday and then I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Thursday, as my family said 'trust you two to get it at the same time.' Barney had his op on Wednesday and thankfully it went really well, the growth was removed along with a dodgy looking spleen. When I got my diagnosis on Thursday I was trying to be strong for my family and remember thinking 'I just want to be alone and cuddle him.' We picked Barney up finally on Friday afternoon and he's doing amazing considering everything he's been through.

Now when I feel scared or upset, I look at Barney and I'm inspired that if he can get through it and be so brave then so can I. It's amazing what these fluffballs do to us. Although it also makes you appreciate the NHS more as Barney's bill was £7000+ and ongoing, thank goodness for the NHS!

Barney Slight smile