Therapy dog certification UK?

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Hi all. Anyone know how to get your own dog certified as a therapy dog in the UK? There seem to be lots of scams out there and no real info. We are in Bournemouth. I already have a dog - however despite owning our flat and having had 3 (yes 3!) letters from him and previous freeholders agreeing that we can keep a pet, he retracted this ‘permission’ six months ago, and I had to find my dog a new home overnight. He’s a strange guy who unfortunately lives below us. I think I was heading for depression before this cancer scare! Missing my boy terribly - he is being cared for by my adult kids 100 miles away. I spend hours crying about this. He is a quiet dog - doesn’t eat plaster or do anything detrimental to the property….ironically freeholder has a dog who barks (I don’t really mind that, but ours lived here happily for 8 years before he moved in.) Rant over, but I figure if I get a certificate/similar my solicitor can make a strong claim on my behalf. Of course I wouldn’t want him to feel guilty for denying a woman (potentially) with cancer her one and only comfort (the husband isn’t bad). 

  • I am so sorry that you have been dealt this blow. it’s hard to believe he’s a dog lover and will not allow you to keep your dog. Surely he is not allowed to keep his dog either?

    Is there a management committee that you can contact?

    I think if your dog was there for eight years he has the right to live there  the new man bought knowing  that you had a dog so I’m not sure it’s anything more than bullying 

    I think a therapy dog is attached to a therapist however a companion / support dog is vital for you 

    I hope that this helps 


  • I’ve asked my doctor to write a letter recommending an emotional support animal. I’ll update here when I know more.

  • Yes that’s the way.

    I hope that you’re reunited soon  


  • Cool. I’m freaking determined. Metal tone1

  • Wishing you more than all the luck in the world!!!! How cruel can some people be? I would be devastated if I had to give up my dog as she is a constant source of love and comfort. I hope you can get the support you need to stop this unwanted and unnecessary heartache in addition to worrying about cancer.


  • Hi Daimoku71 there are new laws now regarding tenants and pets, the idea is to make it easier for tenants to have dogs in their properties. 

    Do you still have the letters from the lease holder landlord stating you can have your dog there? If yes then go get your dog! He has to give you reasonable explanation as to why you can’t keep him, and already giving permission it will be very difficult for him to now say no.

    Get some legal advice,  but please get your baby back! Xx 


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  • Many thanks for your encouragement, I’ll let you all know. Have requested letter from GP and taken more legal advice. 

  • GP say they can’t advise I have an EMA but will write a letter in support of me having one - oooh semantics! My solicitor has asked me to request said letter. Determined not to be defeated.