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I had colon cancer stage 2, luckily it was detected early so I’m cure, but during the journey (treatment/surgery/treatment/surgery) my 12 yo daughter was not coping very well.

we got a puppy, he has saved not only her but my husband and me (complications with second surgery).

the problem is that we are going on holiday abroad. My sister in law will take care of him (10 days) but she lives in a no dogs building (very strict). Today we were visiting a woman told us (not very nicely) dogs weren’t allow so we said we were visiting plus he’s a support dog (which he rely is) is any way to get a letter from either a GP or organisation confirming this? My daughter was with a psicologist who recommend us to get a doggy for her.


  • Hi Martina3 welcome to the forum. Im not sure about the answer to your query but I wonder if you might like to give the Macmillan Line a call and see if they have any ides for maybe dog fosterers but Im not sure if they do that or not but worth the call anyway. 08088080000.


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  • Can your sister move into your place whilst you’re away? Apologies if you’ve already ruled this out X

  • Unfortunately, unlike countries such as the US, as far as I am aware, the uk doesn’t legally offer the same status for emotional support animals than it does to guide dogs etc. Hopefully this will change soon, but for now the only thing I can think of is your sister in law stay at yours

  • Thanks for your answered to all of you.

    my daughter psychologist wrote a letter explaining that my dog is a support dog. He’s now allow in the building  

  • You can find in the net dog's nannies, it's a very popular job. 

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