Makes you smile!!!

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Just thought I would share some more photos of Gracie!!! Whippets are such funny creatures!!! They get in to the craziest of positions …. how can it be comfortable?

They also like to be buried underneath their cosy blankets and often take the bed with them when they get up!

These are all genuine photos….. no posing required it’s just what whippets do!!!!!

Hope they make you smile!!


  • Hi absolutely love the photos, Gracie looks like she owns it!

    B xx

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  • She is such a funny dog!!! We’ve never owned a whippet before (we always had Heinz57’s) but my goodness she makes us laugh every day with her antics!!!! 
    Grasan x

  • Not a whippet but a Parson, gets in the weirdest positions, like to air his plums of an eveningBlush

  • Oh my!!!! He’s obviously proud of his plums Rofl I love funny pictures of happy dogs!!! Parsons are very happy dogs usually they always look as if they’ve got a smile on their face. 
    Grasan xxx

  • I saw these lovely pictures and they made me smile. I remembered a photo i took last week when I visited my son in Ireland  My daughter in law strictly dogs only and cats outside she’s a wonderful girl that’s been bought up on a farm. Well cut a long story short. A Ferrell kitten turned up and decided she liked the look of a warm family to enjoy when she fancied. Half the day she’s wild catching everything on their land. The other part of the day she watches her children play and …..


    Shes the most fascinating creature I have ever met. She’s so hilarious. Skate boarding   Remote control cars. Then off she goes and returns to the wild. 
    She can’t be trusted on their beds though. They’ve accommodated her and work around her needs as she’s amazing with the children. They pick her up and her claws are in she goes out and turns wild. 


  • Oh Artsie she is a gorgeous looking cat!!! It’s a proven fact that animals can help improve our mental wellbeing simply by being there. And I think we all need every little bit of help we can get when dealing with cancer. 

  • Yes Hugo has been such a distraction for me. That little Irish cat is delightful. She’s not their pet they’re hers. It’s so amusing