Adopting a cat

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Hey all my mum sadly lost her battle to cancer 18 dec 21 still had no funeral as waiting for help with funding and ive been so lost and sad so i joined the cats protecrion and like pet to foster/adopt a cat/dag and today i got a message of someone who needs to rehome her 2yr old boy absolutely beautiful and he is moving in at the weekend cant wait first thing thats made me smile properly shame i cant put a pic up of him but im glad to be getting him for comfert,company etc 

  • Samanthajayne

    Im so sorry for your lose of your mum.
    What a terrible time you’re having. You’re really doing a positive action by helping the little chap. 
    Hope all goes well. Put a photo up when you can. I had a challenging time with my little lad he had been caged for seven months. Couldn’t even walk upstairs. I read lots of stuff to help him, it actually really helped me.

    Ten years on he rules. 


  • This  is him cant wait for him to come this weekend 

  • What a sweetie.  Look at him, he’s adorable.
     You’ll have to shop for his bits and bobs. Honestly a little fluffy is the perfect comfort. Though my cat decides when he will bless me with his attention.



  • I cant wait to get him and the added bonus is he is a therapy cat Heart eyesHeart eyes

  • Samanthajayne, know this post out of date, but had to add.  You wanted to get a Cat.  I at present want / need to get someone who will take/ care for my cat as a forever after carer.  I have had TruSparkling heart made out, to cover lifetimes costs.  But cannot get anyone to become that special forever Carer for life.  I live in Cowdenbeath. Fife. Scotland. So hopefully anyone seeing this, do get back to me.Sparkling heart am hoping locally someone will get in touch so I can see how they get on with my baby girl ( cat) But also know at time of Hospitalusation/ death, they can then take care of her. So my cat can go sSparkling heartaight to New forever Carer.  In situation like yours.  This perfect answer. As pets In involved with cancer knows what I am going through, so can empathise. Today is June. 2024.  So anyone locally tSparkling heartme reading this, do contact me.   Mo.Sparkling heartSparkling heartFeetFeetSparkling heartSparkling heart

  • Goodness me. 
    I feel for you , I am hoping that someone close in the north  sees this. 
    Im South and have an old very grumpy boy that doesn’t socialise 

    keeping everything crossed 

    best wishes 


  • Hi Samanthajayne_,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Losing a loved one is never easy, and it's understandable that you're still feeling lost and sad.

    But I'm thrilled to hear that you've found a way to bring some joy and comfort into your life by fostering/adopting a cat! It's amazing that you've taken this step, and I'm sure it will bring you so much happiness.

    Congratulations on getting the message about the 2-year-old boy cat - he sounds adorable! I can only imagine how excited you must be to welcome him into your home this weekend. Having a furry companion can make such a big difference in our lives, and I'm sure he'll bring you comfort, company, and plenty of smiles.