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These two are Frodo the Pomeranian cross (6yrs) and Scrumpy the working cocker spaniel (1yr). I owe a massive amount of my positive mental health since cancer diagnosis in April to these two guys and to the clients and dogs I’ve managed to continue to work with, all be it on a reduced schedule, as a dog trainer. My dear sister has stepped up and helped walking my two boys when I’ve not had the energy due to treatment, which I’m eternally grateful for. My energy levels are pretty low at the moment and the thing I find most frustrating is not being able to go out every day with the dogs and only being able to do short slow walks when I do. My HB has continually fluctuated during treatment plus I was wiped out with a uti just before Christmas but hopefully if the infection is completely gone I can build myself up again with the goal of walking these two further and more often as my motivational goal. I see my consultant next Tuesday so will have my bloods checked then too I’m sure so they can arrange a blood transfusion if I need it too which is what’s perked me up in the past. 

Here’s to lots more walks and adventures in the not to distant future x