Post surgery fears

Hi, I had surgery on Thursday, and have decided I need to sleep in the spare room with the door firmly closed. My cats have carte blanche usually, but I am afraid of them hurting my surgery site if they decide to start running around the bedroom at 2 am. But I’m missing them, and I can hear my old cat on the other side of the door wanting to come in. It’s just for a few days, but it makes the nights lonely without my feline kids around Slight frown 

  • Hi  I know how you feel.  I slept in the spare room for a couple of weeks after my surgery but didn't think to lock my two darling cats out - I probably should have done but it all turned out fine fortunately.

    They were such a comfort to me while waiting for results and treatment plans and throughout the whole process.

    Hopefully you won't have to be parted from them for too long at bedtime.  

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