Hugo the healer

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This is Hugo the Bengal, he was rescued from a caged life that had made him unable to climb stairs or interact with others.  We sat and watched him hiding away behind the breeders TV for nearly two hours, I had six weeks off school work and thought I could help him. We bought him,I read cat psych stuff and found him a safe space in our living room behind the sofa. He hid, no one saw him and I would go to him at night and just sit when he felt brave he would approach me and sniff. Poor little thing. After two weeks we still hadn’t named him when he shot out behind the sofa and I saw his markings. “Hugo”. Hugo the Boss” I said, But he’ll never be the boss living behind the sofa but he does look like a designer cat“.
We laughed and that was that. 

Slowly within the six weeks he gained confidence and played like a small kitten should though he was seven months and powerful. He loved chase and hide and seek.

I found his character more dog/ cat than cat.   He sniffed everything and retrieved. had no fear of water but still was highly sensitive to new experiences and things. He talked to us a lot which apparently that breed does and sometimes I am sure he actually understood what I said.

Fast forward six years I had a complete melt down retreating into myself not working and on anti depressants.  He was never a cuddly cat just didn’t want to know hugs and cuddle so I respected that plus he would let me know if I was pushing it.

He sat beside me everyday, every minute I was never left to wallow. Not on my lap but close next to me. His coat is like the most beautiful golden thick velvet that sparkles in the light and I smoothed it constantly, he allowed me to

Ever since then, My hubby had a heart condition found.
As soon as it was treated he found his own space normally fire in winter or window in the summer.

Husband knee replacement, Hugo was there.

Me Cancer

Hubby Liver

Hubby Parkinson’s.

It’s becoming that if he decides to cuddle we are going to be diagnosed with something.

We are so lucky we decided to bring that pathetic little fluffy home. He’s a very special and a very loved member of our family

Definitely  Hugo the Boss

  • Hi

    Hugo is certainly a very handsome cat and it's amazing how animals seem to instinctively know when we're poorly.

    I think it's great that you were able to give him a loving home and had the time and patience for him to gain his confidence.

    Take care


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  • Hi Latchbrook

    Thanks for your kind post.
    He is very handsome and very bossy.  I wouldn’t recommend Bengals as a loving family pet he can turn nasty quickly sometimes for no reason.  We love him to bits even with his faults and in his way he loves us back. He’s nearly eleven years old. We are lucky we found each other. 
    Best Wishes


  • Hi  he certainly is a handsome boy! Such beautiful eyes. We rescued two cats from the RSPCA in 2007. My tom cat aged 3 then had been in there for 18 months and hid under the sideboard for a whole week only coming out at night when we were asleep.   He then slowly came out of his shell becoming a real character. He hardly ever slept, always on the go. My female cat was aged 7 and from day 1 was so feisty and so beautiful. She was so peevish with my Tom cat is was funny to watch.  They both hardly left my side when I was going through cancer treatment in 2019 and after.  Unfortunately they both passed away within 10 months of each other in 2020 & 2021, very difficult times. My Tom cat lived until just a couple of months before his 17th birthday and my female cat was almost 21!   I miss them terribly but am so grateful for the years I had with them. Cats really are such a massive support. Bev. 

  • Oh Bev. Thanks for sharing your lovely cats  story. it sounds like they had wonderful lives. It’s amazing how they know when we are ill. 
    Before we rescued Hugo we had an Abyssinian called Molly. She lived for eighteen years. I’m really hoping Hugo lives for a very long time. I’ve read twelve years. He’s 11 in February but I’m doing everything possible to keep him really healthy. 
    Take care 


  • Well I’m a year on Hugo is nearly eleven he’s been driving me nuts following me around crying sitting beside me then last night he got on my lap actually cuddled me. First time
    Im in hospital tomorrow for lung biopsy suspected SCLC and him sitting there has convinced he’s diagnosed me before I get there  it can be quite frightening  

    I’m starting to see him as The Grim Reaper