Help reuniting my dog and me.

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Hi, I’m sorry, I’m not very good on forums, but I need help.

I was diagnosed with “clear cell cancer” in 2018. After surgery, chemotherapy and two different trials, the UK ran out of treatment options. I even applied for new experimental treatments in Manchester. with nothing available I went to the US and spoke to several oncologist. The first one gave me a “life ending” diagnosis. Luckily, I found one that saw my spirit and determination and has started treating me. My blood marker is reducing and I'll know after my next cycle how the treatment is working.

My greatest problem is that my dog I have had for 15 years is in the UK while I’m in the US. The vet says she has to fly in the cabin of an airplane with someone she trusts, preferably me, due to her age. She is certified therapy dog and is trained to fetch and retrieve things so I don't have to bend over and risk passing out due to low blood pressure.

I'm just in my forties and this is a lot to take in, leaving my home, job and friends for treatment. I would be so much happier and less anxious and stressed if my pup were with me. Please help, does anyone know who to contact at airlines to start discussing this?

  • Hi

    I 'spoke' to you in the New to the Community area and wondered if you'd spoken to the airline yet about arranging to take your dog in the cabin with you?

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  • Hi Latchbrook,

    I havn’t spoken to customer services yet. I was hoping to get a name of a manager, or maybe someone that deals with disabled people on planes or service dogs. I guess I just didn't want to be stopped at the first hurdle and so many CS employees are trained to say no if there isn't a box to tick or a common question to answer. 


  • I'm sure that they will have dealt with many requests for service dogs to accompany their owners and will know what is and isn't possible.

    Unfortunately, it's highly unlikely that anyone in the group will have a contact name for you especially as we don't know which airline you're using. My best advice is to pick up the phone today and make that call then you can start your treatment.


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  • Love that sentiment, thank you xx

  • Sorry I have no  words of wisdom, but I wish you and your dog all the luck in the world.

    I'm sure she will be missing you as much as you are missing her.

  • Thank you. I hope you are right. As she is my assistance dog, she can only travel with me. But being an assistance dog does qualify her for being an emotional support dog to the woman that has kept up her training and handling while I’ve been away. Fingers crossed I’ll see her soon.