Relapse and puppy

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Hello all, 

following my cancer treatment I brought myself a dog she’s a beautiful cocker spaniel. Unfortunately I have been told I have relapsed. Me and my mum are up and down and away for hours and it’s so hard with the dog. Does anyone know if there is any help in these type of situations? 

  • Hi ,

    Sorry you have relapsed - but remember that things will settle down once you have got treatment plan etc in place. If you are worried about leaving the dog for a long time, then are there any neighbours or family who would call in and maybe walk the dog? There is also the Cinnamon Trust which might be able to link you with a volunteer to walk the dog when you need it. If you can afford it, then there are loads of paid for dog walking service everywhere, even if only for a few weeks. . Dogs offer so much comfort as well as needing our attention. Dog walking is exercise and we know that staying active is good for our immune system, and just stroking a dog can reduce stress levels. Hope you find a way through, and come out the other side.