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Hi. I have 3 cats, Ebony, Oliver and Chynna. All 3 are black. Ebony is the mother of Oliver and Chynna. She was a stray and pregnant when I took her in. Ebony likes to be on my knee  but Oli and Chynna never bother. However, while I was having my radiotherapy and chemotherapy in March/April 2019, Chynna would always come on my knee every day while I was waiting for the hospital transport to collect me. It was almost as if she knew what I was going through. Once my treatment finished, she never bothered again. Fickle or what?! 

  • Hi Blackstuff welcome to the forum.

    They reckon that animals especially cats and dogs are super sensitive to our smells when we are unwell in any way we probably don't even notice it but its amazing how smart and clever these animals are at picking things up thta are different about us.  


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  • That's lovely. My cats Cissie,  Krissie,  Trixie and Trinny keep me going.

  • It's true. They have a calming influence on you somehow. I couldn't be without them xx

  • Going to miss them when I'm in hospital.  

  • I'm sure you will. My  niece made me a lovely get well card with a photo of my cats when I was in hospital. She and my sister called at my house to feed them twice daily. I was in hospital for 5 days, then went to my mums for a few days. When I went home, all 3 ran upstairs when they saw me! They soon came round when they realised they were going to be fed!! Good luck for when you go in hospital.

    Kim x

  • Thanks. Three of mine are staying home and my friend will come in twice a day.  Cissie is going to be looked after by the vet because she's diabetic and needs insulin twice a day. X

  • Hi all! Don't know if I should be worried but my cat Chynna, who only ever came on my knee when I was going through chemoradiation has suddenly started to come on my knee every day! I'm 3 years from my APR surgery so didn't have a CT scan this year. Maybe I'm just being silly but I can't help but think 'cats know"

    Kim xx

  • I do think animals know 

    my fur sister (dog) does give lots of kisses and cuddles, watches me to make sure I’m okay and just before I was diagnosed and during treatment was actually sitting on my head (I have a brain tumour)

  • Hi 

    It’s scary isn’t it. My Hugo is the same. He seems to notice me and my family if we are sick. I sometimes wonder if it’s me as he does get it wrong 

    Did you know that cats don’t like to be looked at? It worries them. So I haven’t worked out if it’s when I’m staring at him he notices me. But he only makes a fuss of people when they’re worried or anxious. So I am in a mind that he knows when people are stressed 

    Theres no proof but I think they’re sensitive beings. When I had my reversal he sat cuddling my site. Which was comforting. Then when I had to have a nurse change my dressing he got up to cuddle sniffed the site and jumped down.  He could smell the change and wouldn’t come near me 

    They’re such a comfort. 
    Hugo isn’t normally the cuddle type he doesn’t care for it so that’s why it’s alarming 

    I hope that you’re okay.