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About 6 weeks before I was diagnosed with cervical cancer my dog would not leave my side, he's normally quite clingy but I noticed he was exceptionally clingy just would not leave me, I am about to start radiotherapy straight after Xmas, just into 4 weeks now after having a radial hysterectomy with removal of lymphnodes from the pelvis, my dog has given me something to aim for, I really miss not being able to walk him, he is my life, he is my company when everyone else is at work, I couldn't be without him

  • Hi Df22 welcome to the forum that is amazing that your dog has sensed that something may be wrong for you. They are great at picking up on this apparently and many dogs are being trained to help people with different illnesses and they are so clever knowing for example when someone is going to have a fit.

    Hope this finds you on the mend and hopefully happy days ahead walking for you and your canine  


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  • Hi Df22

    I really believe that animals, especially dogs, are so underrated for their ability to understand humans.  Your dog sounds to be really intuitive - our girl (no longer with us but in our hearts forever) used to check on my husband regularly when he came home from chemo, he would lie on the sofa and she just approached him gently without touching him, once she was happy that he was ok off she went.  After surgery and 6 weeks away from us she seemed to know how to behave, it was beautiful to see a giant breed dog creep up to my husband for a quick cuddle - I was treated very differently!

    I hope your treatment goes well and you have a good recovery, you’ve been through a lot with your best pal by your side.

    Take care.

    J x

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    I totally agree, pets are a amazing. We have an 11 year old rescue cat, had her 9 years. Before my diagnosis she became very attached to me, followed me everywhere and complained if I wasn't around. She was my wee fluffy rock throughout treatment. The same behaviour started a few weeks ago, the morning of my scan result appointment she sat staring at me for ages, really staring that became creepy, scan results came back positive for cancer again last week, once again she hasn't left my side, currently fast asleep on my knee as I type. I couldn't be without her. Hold our loving pets close, they sense our pain. 


  • I'm so sorry to hear your cancer has returned I hope you can be treated

  • So sorry your cancer has come back wishing you all the love and best wishes our pets are amazing I wouldnt be with my doggie she is amazing xx