Animals are family too

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i am new here, I have recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, I would like to explain my experience of having animals,

I have many animals ranging from a guinnie pigs to a thoroughbred horse, since I was diagnosed I have noticed a change in some behaviour, if I fall asleep I will almost always wake up with one of my cats sitting asleep on me, if I visit my horses and take a walk down the field, for some fresh air and to look around me , one of the horses will always come with me and stay on my heal until we get back , this is all unusual behaviour from my animals but , I find it so comforting they cannot talk yet they are sending a message that they understand and are with you all the way , my message is if you have any sort of animal please take comfort they are on this journey with you ,

  • They are wonderful, our animals. I remember when my granddaughter was with us and feeling unwell. She was on the sofa under a blanket and one of my cats laid on her and stayed with her for hours. I hope your treatment goes well.

    LoobyLou x

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